Salespack docs

What is account warm-up

The warmup feature mimics human interaction by email.
Salespack will send emails between accounts so that these accounts are tracked as active by email providers and campaign emails are less likely to be marked as spam.
All warmup email will start with the prefix [SW] | , which stands for Salespack warmup.
Salespack will mark all warmup emails as read and move them to a separate inbox with name Salespack warmup
In case you still receive notifications for these emails you can ignore them.

When warmup emails are sent

Warmup emails are sent on working days (not weekends) every hour.
You can customize how many warmup emails are sent using the daily warmup emails limit in your emails settings.

How much should an account warm up before a campaign

First of all, if the domain name is new you should at least wait 1 month before sending emails, otherwise your emails will end up in spam 99% of the time.
You will have best results enabling warmup 1 month before the campaign.
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