Salespack docs

Liquid syntax

Salespack supports the liquid template language to personalize your emails based on leads data.

Using lead data in an email

You can personalize an email with leads data using the {{ variableName }} syntax.
The variableName can be any field in the CSV file you uploaded to Salespack. Salespack will also replace spaces with _ if you CSV headers contain spaces.
For example let’s say this is your leads CSV file
Here is an example email that makes use of the above CSV
plain text
Hi {{ name }}! What is {{ company }} churn rate? i think i can help with that Best

Using the sending account data

You can access the sending account data with {{ account.firstName }} and {{ account.lastName }}

Random item

You can use the random function to choose a random item from a list of a string with items separated by commas
plain text
{{ 'Hi, Hello, Hey' | random }} How are you?
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